Come join us on our adventure with McClumsy, a new lifestyle apparel brand based in Thomas, West Virginia! Our doors first opened in May 2022, inspired by the need for race swag for our sister company, the Canaan Valley Running Company. But we didn’t stop there – we’ve created our own unique identity, blending our love for the great outdoors, running, snowboarding, music, and more.

McClumsy finds its roots in our founder, Robby McClung, whose last name is McClung, and whose delightful clumsiness is an inherent trait. Embracing his own persona, Robby made the bold decision to build a brand around his childhood moniker, resulting in McClumsy—a name that epitomizes approachability, energy, and laid-back vibes.

At McClumsy, we’re all about creating high-quality and affordable apparel that can keep up with your adventures. Our founder, Robby McClung, hails from both Elkins, West Virginia and Islamorada, in the Florida Keys. He has a special connection to the laid-back vibes of mountain towns and the Florida Keys and brings that energy to every product we offer at McClumsy.

Follow us on social media to stay in the loop and learn more about our brand. We’re always chasing our dreams and we hope you’ll join us. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you love our products!

  • Our Original Brick and Mortar Store Room on Spruce Street in Thomas, West Virginia